Our client was in the early phases of developing an online payment system for mobile phones. They needed a simple logo that would be easily recognizable as an icon on mobile devices, yet strong enough to hold up on all collateral material. It needed to reflect technology
and have a very modern feel.

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OUTBOUND, an up-and-coming 'travel and adventure television show, targeting 25-40 year old travellers who crave more than that 'all-inclusive' resort feel, needed to create a brand that would speak to their target audience.

The logo needed to embrace that rugged impression of travel, be legible in a variety
of sizes due to exposure in multiple mediums, and allow itself to be animated.

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Rack n Hitch

Specializing in roof racks, auto hitches, and custom installs; Rack n Hitch needed a clean, easily recognizable wordmark that could be applied to at least 90% of their product. The biggest challange was incorporating the "n"
into the design, which -after extensive development- easily became the tail-end
of a car hitch.

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Eigen needed a re-brand, they requested a strategy that would bring the company “out
of the 80’s”. The client wanted a look that reflected their high-tech industry and that would remain classic for years to come. The design direction was to create a logo that reflected 'platforms' –the foundation that Eigen is built on- while also creating a sense of unity and completeness. Colour and a clean, modern typeface were used to reinforce Eigen’s place in the technology industry.

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Noodle Makers

The goal of this project was to create a new and exciting logo/wordmark for a unique new Chinese Bistro. Noodle Makers Chinese Bistro is unique in that it presents its patrons with live noodle making shows as part of their dining experience. Design direction was that the logo reflect a Chinese “flair” without being too obvious in that regard, also conveying the “interactive” nature of this restaurant, specifically the idea of noodle making.

The client desired a logo that was classic,
lively and did not portray a “fast food” or “buffet style” restaurant. Colour and font selection were very important components in the design of this logo. Finally, this design had to be versatile enough for application to outdoor neon signage, website, and future collateral material.

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Revolution Army

A Vancouver-based apparel company needed a logo for the launch of their new clothing line.

Revolution Army was aimed predominantly at the early 20's to mid-30's male market, with styles capturing a certain 'edge' to them. They needed a logo that would compliment their style, have a level of 'grittiness', yet be distinct from other clothing manufacturers.

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Purple Springs Nursery

Purple Springs Nursery is a speciality grower of a wide variety of shade trees, ornamentals, shrubs and ever greens. They wanted a logo that spoke to the words 'nursery', 'deciduous' and 'coniferous'.

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Everybody Loves Veggies

A small specialty eatery that's carved quite
a niche for themselves was in dire need of a logo. Needing to step away from the standard word-mark, they wanted a look that embraced 'home cooking' and didn't have a cliched
'fast-food' feel.

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Balance Solutions

As a personal yoga instructor and health coach, our client wanted a logo that encompassed serenity, balance, calmness, and maintain a very clean, simple look.

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Three Leaf Publishing

A publishing company held a logo design competition. Although we don't generally subscribe to 'spec' work, this idea came to
us very quickly and we decided to submit
this logo as an entry.

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